August 16, 2017

this is a live class taped at our studio in Santa Rosa, CA on Wednesday, August 16. focus is on flow, balance postures and twists to leave you feeling energized and centered. enjoy!


60-minute SUNDAY FLOW

March 26, 2017

starts with a groan...ends with a grin. and there's a lot of good sweat in the middle.

grab a few fun-loving, big-hearted friends, find your favorite room and sneak your thermostat up to 85, if you want to practice like our sunday benders.


60 minute FLOW

March 4, 2017

if you've got an hour, we've got your yoga. recorded live at three dog yoga on february 15th at 6:30am.


podcast: 60-minute SUNDAY FLOW

February 6, 2017

easy like sunday morning....or work it like you mean it...either way, you do you.

recorded at the three dog yoga studio on Sunday, January 30, 2017. more podcasts coming soon!


podcast: 60-minute FREE FLOW

February 3, 2017

not too many holds in this one...flowing vinyasa, non-traditional twisting and backbends. recorded in class at 6:30a.m. on Monday, January 30, 2017.

more podcasts coming soon!


podcast: 60-minute POWER FLOW

January 16, 2017

our bright and squirrelly 6:30am bender that sticks to the basics and gets the job done. recorded in class Monday, January 16 2017.

more podcasts coming soon!


podcast: 25-minute FLOOR

January 14, 2017

a quick taste of the three dog yoga floor series. great if you need to move your body through a gentle sequence. only one chaturanga!

more podcasts coming soon, including a 25-minute STANDING pose flow.


podcast: SLOW, SLOW FLOW

September 14, 2015

our SLOW FLOW class at it's most gentle and basic. perfect for your first time or those days you want to slow down to catch up!



August 13, 2015

our basic FLOW sequence. breathe. bend. balance. be.


podcast: the dirty 30

March 22, 2015

wanna squeeze a sweat in? we heard a lot of you do...

here's 30 minutes of strong flow, followed by a couple of minutes of good stretch.

looking for a 30-minute sweet stretch with just a little flow...stay tuned!