August 13, 2015

our basic FLOW sequence. breathe. bend. balance. be.


podcast: the dirty 30

March 22, 2015

wanna squeeze a sweat in? we heard a lot of you do...

here's 30 minutes of strong flow, followed by a couple of minutes of good stretch.

looking for a 30-minute sweet stretch with just a little flow...stay tuned!


podcast: the 3DY 90

March 17, 2015

our new 90-minute saturday morning class...the pace slows down to really align and deepen each posture...keeping the practice challenging and energizing. this week: a focus on core stability and centering. grab your mat and let's go!


podcast: happy hour

March 12, 2015

ok, actually about 70 minutes of happy. grab a mat and get yours!


podcast: quick and dirty

February 19, 2015

our power sequence in 35 minutes flat. no holding poses, just a taste of each of the most common asanas you'll find in our classes. it's a  complete, but light, practice when you need some extra time in your day.


podcast: 20 DAY DETOX 2015

January 4, 2015

 get ready to wring out 2014 and bring a fresh start to 2015.  we'll get you moving with lots of twists, sweat, and a bunch of laughs.

<em>recorded at the three dog studio at 8 a.m. on 01.03.15.</em>


podcast: balance of power

October 30, 2014

 plenty of power, with a focus on opening up for ease. bring your mat and get ready to sweat, three dog style. 


podcast: greg’s birthday burnoff

October 14, 2014

challenge your endurance and laugh a lot. 50 percent of y'all will love it, 50 percent will hate it. and 50 percent will love-hate it. and that's how we do math around here.


podcast: plus ones.

June 5, 2014

a power yoga party for vinyasa junkies. be ready to wipe up the sweat when you're done.
if you've never tried our "plus ones" practice, you're in for a good time...try it here, request it next time you're in class. it's different every time. but it always burns so good

recorded at the three dog studio at 5:45 p.m. on 06.04.14.


podcast: ready for take off.

March 11, 2014

some fun arm balancing in this one! maybe some you haven't seen before...just get curious and get to it!

ready to really take off? check out our forty days to personal revolution that starts march 21. it's a six week commitment to yoga, meditation, clean eating and transformation. you'll be amazed at where you'll go.