MAY DAY (60 minutes)

May 4, 2018

so...this one got a little loose  (complete with Land Before Time trivia for the 90s kid in all of us), but we got it back.

this class follows our traditional flow and standing sequence, with a non-traditional series of floor postures focused on hip opening, great for loosening up runners, cyclists, desk jockeys and just about every body.

this podcast was recorded live in-studio on May 1, 2018.




60 minute THE OIL CAN

April 9, 2018

our TIN MAN'S OIL CAN is a flowing practice that moves each joint through a healthy, fluid range of motion. this one gets you moving and keeps you moving...great for early morning or any time you want to get unstuck. this podcast was recorded live in-studio on April 9, 2018.



March 7, 2018

a great flow to start the day. strong and light vinyasa early on, followed by a focus on rotation and lateral extension, as well as hip openers and relaxation. this podcast was recorded live in the studio on march 7, 2018.



August 16, 2017

this is a live class taped at our studio in Santa Rosa, CA on Wednesday, August 16. focus is on flow, balance postures and twists to leave you feeling energized and centered. enjoy!



July 10, 2017

the one where the lobby floods and Jes (almost) kills a spider with a singing bowl. good times. this class was recorded live in studio on July 8, 2017.


60-minute SUNDAY FLOW

March 26, 2017

starts with a groan...ends with a grin. and there's a lot of good sweat in the middle.

grab a few fun-loving, big-hearted friends, find your favorite room and sneak your thermostat up to 85, if you want to practice like our sunday benders.


podcast: 25-minute VINYASA

January 6, 2017

got 25 minutes? you can get your yoga on. this practice focuses on our VINYASA'll get your heart pumping and make you feel warm all over.

don't got 25 minutes? better do this one twice. with extra savasana.

more podcasts coming soon, including a 25-minute STANDING pose flow and a 25 minute FLOOR pose flow.