March 7, 2018

a great flow to start the day. strong and light vinyasa early on, followed by a focus on rotation and lateral extension, as well as hip openers and relaxation. this podcast was recorded live in the studio on march 7, 2018.



August 16, 2017

this is a live class taped at our studio in Santa Rosa, CA on Wednesday, August 16. focus is on flow, balance postures and twists to leave you feeling energized and centered. enjoy!


60-minute SUNDAY FLOW

March 26, 2017

starts with a groan...ends with a grin. and there's a lot of good sweat in the middle.

grab a few fun-loving, big-hearted friends, find your favorite room and sneak your thermostat up to 85, if you want to practice like our sunday benders.


60 minute FLOW

March 4, 2017

if you've got an hour, we've got your yoga. recorded live at three dog yoga on february 15th at 6:30am.


podcast: 60-minute SUNDAY FLOW

February 6, 2017

easy like sunday morning....or work it like you mean it...either way, you do you.

recorded at the three dog yoga studio on Sunday, January 30, 2017. more podcasts coming soon!


podcast: 60-minute FREE FLOW

February 3, 2017

not too many holds in this one...flowing vinyasa, non-traditional twisting and backbends. recorded in class at 6:30a.m. on Monday, January 30, 2017.

more podcasts coming soon!


podcast: 60 minutes of VARIATIONS

January 30, 2017

it's always a good time to try new things. this 60-minute class presents alignment options to keep your practice working in-the-moment.  recorded in our 6:30am class Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

more podcasts coming soon!


podcast: 60-minute POWER FLOW

January 16, 2017

our bright and squirrelly 6:30am bender that sticks to the basics and gets the job done. recorded in class Monday, January 16 2017.

more podcasts coming soon!


podcast: ON THE ROAD

May 12, 2016

we've all been there. stuck in a hotel room with no yoga class in sight. you'd do a podcast, but with no mat, the hotel carpet makes downward facing dog downright difficult...and forget stepping into warrior 1...let alone getting up into wheel. but before you hit the minibar and channel surf, check this out. our "no-mat, no-time" on the road session. all the yoga you can do with just your self...and maybe a towel, since that carpet isn't looking so great to your face. this session stays away from anything that might be slippery...providing a light vinyasa, with arm work, leg work, core work and floor stretching. if you have extra time, repeat some segments...or add poses that work for your particular setup. no speakers, no headphones: no problem. here's the set list. take 3-8 breaths on each side in all the poses, complete the repetitions listed for the flows...or create your own pacing and rhythm. happy trails...

  • child's pose
  • cat/cow - 5-8 reps
  • quadruped plank (from hands and knees, press into your feet and lift knees) - 3-5 breaths
  • high plank - 3-5 breaths;
  • high-to-low plank - 3 sets of 5 reps (option: one-leg planks on sets 2+3)
  • high plank hold with alternating knee-to-elbow - 3 reps
  • child's pose
  • ragdoll - 5-8 breaths (option for chest expansion stretch, hands linked behind back)
  • standing half series (mountain pose, fold forward, halfway lift, fold forward) - 3 reps
  • utkatasana - 3-8 breaths
  • utkatasana pulses (half squats) - 5-8 reps
  • utkatasana to mountain pose (full squats) - 5-8 reps
  • flowing/alternating utkatasana twists - 3-5 reps
  • utkatasana twist and hold - 3-8 breaths on each side, fold forward between sides
  • eagle -3-8 breaths
  • dancer - 3-8 breaths
  • tree - 3-8 breaths
  • mountain pose, fold forward, halfway lift, step right foot back to low lunge
    • bend and straighten back knee - 3 reps
    • bend and straighten front knee - 3 reps
    • step back to halfway lift, repeat on left side, step back to halfway lift
  • step back to high plank hold - 5-8 breaths
  • lower all the way to floor
  • locust - 3-8 breaths
  • bow - 3-8 breaths
  • press to hands and knees
  • boat - 3-8 breaths
  • low boat - 3-8 breaths
  • knees to chest and rock side to side
  • legs straight up/upper body crunches - 8 reps
  • bicycle twists - 8 reps
  • knees to chest - belly twisting pose - 5 reps
  • reclined pigeon- 5-8 breaths
  • reclined hamstring stretch - 5-8 breaths
  • reclined twist - 5-8 breaths
  • happy baby - 3-8 breaths
  • savasana

podcast: SLOW, SLOW FLOW

September 14, 2015

our SLOW FLOW class at it's most gentle and basic. perfect for your first time or those days you want to slow down to catch up!