35-minute UNWIND

August 12, 2017

need a breather? the UNWIND is for you...a shorter version of our FLOW class, this one will open up some space in your neck, shoulders and upper back to give you more room to breathe.


podcast: the dirty 30

March 22, 2015

wanna squeeze a sweat in? we heard a lot of you do...

here's 30 minutes of strong flow, followed by a couple of minutes of good stretch.

looking for a 30-minute sweet stretch with just a little flow...stay tuned!


podcast: quick and dirty

February 19, 2015

our power sequence in 35 minutes flat. no holding poses, just a taste of each of the most common asanas you'll find in our classes. it's a  complete, but light, practice when you need some extra time in your day.


30-minute CORE 04.21.11

May 11, 2011

a 30-minute abs-only super session -- enjoy!